RUbioSeq+ is a stand-alone and multiplatform application for the integrated analysis of NGS data. More specifically, our software implements pipelines for the analysis of single nucleotide and copy-number variation, bisulfite-seq and ChIP-seq experiments using well-established tools to perform these common tasks. RUbioSeq+ is free and includes all the core functionalities implemented in the original published release of RUbioSeq (v3.2.1) but, also, outperforms and expands RUbioSeq capabilities supporting the parallelized analysis of full genomes in computing farms. Moreover, we have included two novel pipelines for ChIPseq analysis.

RUbioSeq+ also incorporates a new GUI designed for interdisciplinary research groups where bioinformaticians and biomedical researchers work together. Thus, the GUI supports two types of profiles: 

  1. a basic user profile where users with limited skills in bioinformatics can execute all the NGS analysis tasks provided by the software 
  2. an administration mode where bioinformaticians and advanced users can manage and configure all the technical parameters of the application.

In order to include future improvements, the software has been designed in a modular structure to permit easy adaptation and extension. Please see the RUbioSeq's features page for more information.


As RUbioSeq depends on more than 20 different software packages, some of them difficult to install and setup, a customized 64-bit LiveDVD (based on Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop LiveCD) has been created, it bundles RUbioSeq plus all its dependencies, ready to be used on any computer. You can even install the contents of this customized Ubuntu on any computer, so you have RUbioSeq+Ubuntu installed at once!