Enrique Carrillo-de Santa Pau, Francisco X. Real, Alfonso Valencia

The technology revolution propelled by the Human Genome Project is about to transform medicine, especially cancer treatment. Bioinformatics is essential for the interpretation of the genomic information and, as such, a fundamental element in the study of the molecular causes of pancreatic cancer pathophysiology.
The aim of this chapter is to provide an overview of the bioinformatics analysis that is currently applied to genome-wide studies in the field of pancreas cancer. A bioinformatics methodology that covers a wide range of topics, from data organization to the assessment of sample quality and, from the analysis of sequencing data to the prediction of cancer driver genes and processes.
We have illustrated the various stages of the bioinformatics analysis with actual examples taken from pancreatic cancer genome projects.and have included a description of the available technologies and resources in each case. The current limitations in the interpretation of cancer genome data, difficulties in the integration of clinical and genomic data, and challenges in the interpretation of the genomic information in clinical settings are highlighted.

Chapter 5 pages 93-131